Peter is a highly experienced software engineer and scrum master. He has previously worked at a San Francisco company building community forums, a product development company for the active aged community, and is the founder of a device prototyping startup. At Umuzi he has worked closely with recruits implementing agile and scrum, has built the Umuzi server, and has pioneered Umuzi’s data warehouse and data pipeline offerings.

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“The Umuzi experience has been lekker like a cracker. I’ve loved working with the team, getting actively involved in every part of organizational life, and I’ve been deeply grateful for the opportunity to help train the next generation of South African tech talent. I will never forget my Umuzi experience.”
— Peter Asher
“Peter has been an amazing presence at Umuzi. His presentations on work skills and interview skills have been clear, engaging and incredibly useful to my career progression. He has also brought a great sense of style to the office and is an all-round awesome guy.”
— JoJo 11